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I’ve Had an Accident ... What Should I Do?
If anybody has been injured phone for an Ambulance/Police Assistance:  Phone 000
Report accident to Police if required by local regulations.
Make note of Police Station, Police Officer’s Name and time and date the report was made.
Record relevant details relating to the accident.  Exchange contact details with other party involved.  We have attached a printable record card for you to keep in your car to use for this should the need arise.
Click here for printable accident record card
Switch off the ignition.
Activate hazard lights.
Stay calm and make the accident scene as safe as possible, keep yourself and others off the road and keep everyone clear of leaking petrol and battery acid.
Record  the name and contact details for any witnesses to the accident.
Do not admit liability.
Do not drive an unroadworthy vehicle from the scene of the accident.
Phone us at Lockleys Crash Repairs on 8443 3135.  We will assist you in the procedure to follow to lodge your claim with your insurance company and have your vehicle repaired.